PMR 156 – Evans and Guillard

The On Demand Replay of tonight’s episode of Pro MMA Radio with top contenders UFC Light Heavyweight Rashad Evans and Lightweight Melvin Guillard is ready now and available to our listeners 24/7. Evans joined Pep for another “Suga & Pep” segment as he gets ready to take on undefeated Phil Davis in the main event at UFC 133 while Guillard just scored another first round KO at UFC 132 to put him in title contention in the Lightweight division.

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  1. Edson Casanova says:

    Rashad you need to start knocking fighters out like you did with Chuck……..I want you to knock out Jones so he can stop being a pussy….

    • Dennis Ingles says:

      REALLY!? Your comment catches me off guard to the point that I’m thinking maybe i’ve misunderstood!? At what point in the eye of the UFC fan base did Jon Jones apear to be a Pussy to you? Lets just lay all cards on the table….The man has in one word OWNED every fighter he has faced (even in his only UFC loss) and some of those fighters are considered MMA legends! Generally I dont call someone out on there opinion but damn man you really trippin!?

    • scott wheeler says:

      I don’t think u have seen any of his fights or wouldn’t write such a stupid comment.
      (the real fight fan)

    • Jason Mason says:

      But if Rashad is to start knocking people out, he’s gonna need to move down to 185, where he’ll get to face opponents under 6’1″ a lot more often.

      And why does that matter? Because dating back to his fights on TUF, Rashad has finished two of the 13 opponents 6’1″ and over he’s faced (Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin), vs. two out of two opponents under 6’1″ (Jason Lambert and Sean Salmon).

    • OmZ says:

      Never seen Jon Bones Jones ever act like a pussy. I think this guy has a thing for Evans. Bones Jones Owns! Evans needs to stop crying and handle his business. I personally don’t think the UFC sets up or hand picks it’s champions

  2. Dennis Ingles says:

    Rashad is right about the rankings not holding any wieght. Its obvious that Rampage is fun to watch and he sells tickets and thats why he is where he is. Just like Mark Munoz not getting to fight Stann!? I still cant believe they let Sonnen hang around with Munoz’s accomplishments. The politics of the UFC sometimes hender deserving fighters. There should be a system to rank these fighters based on the wins and not the ticket sales.

  3. Jason Mason says:

    Yes, I support public rankings – but they need to be based on objective rather than subjective criteria: The current situation at LHW is a perfect case in point – Shogun has beaten Machida (after losing to him in such a controversial decision that an immediate rematch was ordered), Machida beat Rashad, Rashad beat Forrest, and Forrest beat Rampage. That clearly makes the logical rankings: 1. Jon Jones, 2. Shogun, 3. Machida, 4. Rashad, 5. Forrest, 6. Rampage; and no one below those six has ever beaten any of those six (except for Matt Hamill’s DQ win over Jones – which for obvious reasons bears an “asterisk”). Then you go 7. Phil Davis and 8. Lil Nog, since Davis beat Lil Nog. After that maybe 9. Rich Franklin and 10. Tito Ortiz.

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