Pro MMA Radio 290 – More TRT, UFC 171 Preview, Fight Night Recap


The On-Demand Replay of Pro MMA Radio Episode 290 is ready now and available for our listeners 24/7.  This week’s topics include further discussion of the issues surrounding TRT, Fight Night recap, UFC 171 preview and the Gilbert Melendez signing. Enjoy!

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  1. joe says:


    Now that TRT is over, can you talk more about the fights and leave TRT alone. PLEASE! The fights is why we listen but we recently stopped listeningbecause of the TRT OVERLOAD!!

    • Pep says:

      Hey Joe,

      Thanks for writing. For sure there will be less TRT discussion on the show as I mentioned on this week’s episode. However, where TRT or drug related issues are relevant we will still cover it aggressively as we have for years. The show has become a de facto home of the truth about TRT for not just fans but many media members as well so it is important that we get the true story out there. But I do understand your point and the good news is that there should be much less discussion of the issue as there should be a lot less of it in the news (and hopefully none over time).


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