Pro MMA Radio 204 – Silva Explodes, UFC 147 and UFC on FX 4 Recap


The On-Demand Replay of Pro MMA Radio Episode 204 is ready now and available for our listeners 24/7.  MMA Mania’s Jesse Holland joined Pep to recap UFC 147 and FX 4 and talk Anderson Silva’s recent explosions as we move toward UFC 148.

PMR 7 – Ed Soares

Ed Soares came in and gave us the lowdown on his stable of fighters, Anderson Silva, Antonio Nogueira, Lyoto Machida and Paulo Filho in his first radio interview after Anderson’s dominant performance at UFC Fight Night 14. Would Anderson take a fight with 205 champ, Forrest Griffin? Will he continue at 205? Could he ever fight at heavyweight? The answers may surprise you. Was Nogueira disrespected by Randy’s refusal to fight him? How did he get along with Mir while they filmed the new season of The Ultimate Fighter? We also covered Paulo’s comeback, Rampage’s current struggles and Lyoto’s path to a title and fighters who duck Anderson and Lyoto. Ed also discussed how he came to own Sinister Brand clothing…interesting story. Click on the link to check out their latest styles.

FightHype’s Percy Crawford came in and broke down his experience covering Affliction: Banned and whether they can compete with the UFC. Then Percy flipped the script and questioned me about the UFC event and who impressed and who disappointed.



Anderson Silva Manager Ed Soares Headlines Pro MMA Radio 7 on July 21st

Want to know what the future holds for UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva after his first fight at light heavyweight? Want the latest news about UFC Heavyweight Champ Antonio Nogueira, 205 contender Lyoto Machida and WEC Middleweight World Champ Paulo Filho? Who better to get the inside scoop from than Ed Soares, the one man that manages all those amazing fighters? Ed also owns Sinister Brand clothing, some of the coolest threads on the market.

We’ll also have updates from the UFC Fight Night 14 and Affliction: Banned cards that took place over the weekend. Percy Crawford of FightHype attended the Affliction event and will stop by to share the true goings on at the event and I was cageside at the UFC event, so we’ll share the inside scoop from both.