PMR 54 is Ready NOW!

The On-Demand Replay of our interview with UFC World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is ready now and available for our listeners 24/7.

Neil Davidson of The Canadian Press and Jesse Holland of MMA Mania joined Pep to break down the entire main card, complete with predictions and analysis.


UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar Headlines Pro MMA Radio, Monday, July 6th!

UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar returns to Pro MMA Radio!

The most recognizable fighter in the world will be taking on Frank Mir in the main event at the historic UFC 100 on July 11th at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Live on Pay Per View. The two met in Lesnar’s first fight in the UFC where Mir scored a 1st round submission. Since then, Mir beat Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for the Interim Heavyweight Title and Lesnar defeated Randy Couture to capture UFC gold. The winner of the much anticipated rematch will leave the Octagon as the undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champ.

In the Opening Round, Neil Davidson of The Canadian Press and Jesse Holland of MMA Mania will join Pep to break down the entire main card, complete with predictions and analysis.    

PMR 20 – Brock Lesnar

PMR’s blockbuster episode with Brock Lesnar is ready and On Demand for our listeners. This one is raw and as real as it gets. In the Opening Round, Training for Warriors author Martin Rooney joined Pep for a controversial discussion about the current lack of aggression in some past events and they proposed a few suggestions to get the edge back in the cage.




Brock Lesnar Headlines Pro MMA Radio 20 Monday, November 3rd!

UFC Superstar Brock Lesnar joins Pro MMA Radio with less than two weeks to go before his epic showdown with UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture at UFC 91 here in Vegas. Brock will break down his training for the fight and his thoughts on Randy and his shot at the title. We’ll also go behind the scenes of Brock’s ESPN E60 appearance and get his thoughts on the Herring fight and post-fight celebration as well as the UFC Interim Heavyweight Title fight between Frank Mir and champ Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

In “The Opening Round”, MMA supertrainer and author of the book “Training for Warriors”, Martin Rooney joins Pep to talk about what seems like a drop in aggression in the fights we’ve been seeing in MMA. Why are so many fights going to a decision or turning into stand up battles? What can be done to turn things back up a notch and put that edge back in MMA? This one will be controversial so don’t miss it!

PMR 9 – Brock Lesnar, UFC 87

Brock came in and talked about why he thought he won the Mir fight, inconsistencies he sees with one ref, WWE vs. UFC experiences, what he really thinks about Kimbo Slice and his thoughts on his opponent this weekend, Heath Herring and why he got rid of his Internet access. And that’s just the beginning.

In the “Opening Round”, Jesse Holland of MMAMania and I rapped about WEC 35, the future of the WEC and a full preview of the main card of UFC 87.


Brock Lesnar Headlines Pro MMA Radio 9, Monday, August 4th!

Just days away from his second fight in the Octagon at this weekend’s UFC 87, Brock Lesnar visits Pro MMA Radio. This is Brock’s first fight since his impressive debut against former UFC Heavyweight Champ, Frank Mir, where he opened a lot of eyes regarding his future potential, even in defeat. Now he takes on the very experienced and vastly improved Heath “Crazy Horse” Herring in a critical fight of his young MMA career. We’ll also have a recap of WEC 35 and a full breakdown of the upcoming UFC 87 event this weekend with MMAMania’s Jesse Holland.