PMR 61 with Cerrone and Garcia is Ready NOW!

The On-Demand Replay of Pro MMA’s interviews with top WEC contenders Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia is ready now and available for our listeners 24/7.

In The Opening Round, Neil Davidson of The Canadian Press joined Pep for a full recap of UFC 102.


Cowboy Cerrone, Leonard Garcia and UFC 102 Recap Headline Pro MMA Radio Monday, August 31st!

WEC Lightweight standout Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and WEC Featherweight contender Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia headline Pro MMA Radio this Monday. Cowboy comes in after learning that his interim title fight with Benson Henderson got postponed to October 10th. Leonard recently scored a narrow split-decision victory over a game Jameel Massouh at WEC 42. The guys will also talk about their Fighter House venture and a backstage meeting with WEC Lightweight Champ Jamie Varner at UFC 101.

In The Opening Round, Neil Davidson of The Canadian Press will join Pep for a full recap of UFC 102.

PMR 36 – Brown, Garcia, WEC 39

WEC Featherweight World Champion Mike Brown and Number One Challenger Leonard Garcia hit Pro MMA for the Fight Before the Fight days before they meet in the cage at WEC 39 this Sunday. The On Demand Replay is available now and ready for our listeners.

FightHype’s Percy Crawford joined Pep in the Opening Round to break down UFC 95 and talk about the future of the Middleweight Division.


The Fight Before the Fight: Brown vs. Garcia Headlines Pro MMA Radio Monday, February 23rd!

Before they battle for the WEC Featherweight World Championship next Sunday, March 1st, at WEC 39 number one contender Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia and the champ, Mike Brown, will both come in and let it fly here on Pro MMA Radio. Let the “Fight Before the Fight” begin!

In the Opening Round, FightHype’s Percy Crawford will join Pep to break down the results of UFC 95 and how the event could impact the future of the lightweight and middleweight divisions.  

PMR 19 – Leonard Garcia, Scott Smith, UFC 90

This week’s episode with WEC Featherweight Contender Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia and former UFC and Elite XC Fighter Scott “Hands of Steel” Smith is ready and On Demand for our listeners. In the Opening Round, FightHype’s Percy Crawford joined Pep to break down last weekend’s UFC 90 card and to specifically address UFC Middleweight World Champion Anderson Silva’s performance and the MMA Media’s treatment of him since the fight.


WEC Featherweight Contender, Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia and Former Elite XC Fighter Scott Smith Headline Pro MMA Radio 19 Monday, October 27th!

Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia comes in as he gets ready for his number one contender fight with MMA legend Jens Pulver at WEC 36 on November 5th. We’ll talk about Leonard’s move to 145, Pulver, Faber, training with the guys at Team Jackson and the truth behind his arrest earlier this year in Texas.

We’ll also have an exclusive interview with former Elite XC/CBS Main Event fighter, Scott Smith, and get the inside scoop on the demise of the company and the effect on the fighters and what the future holds for “Hands of Steel”.